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Winston-Salem’s resurgent downtown is no overnight success


Triad Next, my monthly column in the Triad Business Journal, looks at the revitalization of downtown Winston-Salem, which my radio report was based on. The full story is here on

Excerpt: From Krankies Coffee on the east side to Camino Bakery in the center to Moselles Fresh Southern Bistro in West End, downtown Winston-Salem – which, unlike downtown Greensboro, preserved so much of its original architecture, from storefronts to factories – is alive and buzzing and growing…Yet to truly appreciate all that’s happened and continues to happen – look at the new deluxe apartments in Plant 64, look at Mast General coming to Trade Street – it’s important to remember how desolate and dreary this huge swath of town was just a decade-and-a-half ago.

Downtown Winston-Salem, a remarkable renaissance long in the making

In some form or fashion, I’ve been writing about and experiencing revitalization efforts in downtown Winston-Salem for more than 25 years — since we lived in West End with our young family (1988-1993). The wide-scale progress that’s taken hold, and appears permanent, in the past decade or so, is pretty remarkable. I talk about all that in this radio report on 88.5 WFDD.