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Sky magazine

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

My mother-in-law flew to North Carolina from Texas yesterday for a visit. I was thrilled that she was on Delta because this month, my book is featured in Sky magazine, Delta’s in-flight. Getting that kind of exposure for a new author and a new book is priceless. When she called from Atlanta, though, to tell me her flight was being delayed, she also shared that there were no magazines on the flight — in what appeared to be an attempt to save on fuel costs by trimming the weight of several hundred magazines. Perhaps that was the case on that one flight. But magazines were on the flight from Atlanta to Greensboro, and they are on flights internationally today. Yes, airlines are carrying less water, fewer bottled drinks, and even swapping out seats to save weight. But the magazines, especially Delta Sky, are still in the seatback pockets.