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Calabria, an investment opportunity?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Italians living north of Rome will likely scoff at the notion, put forth here at, that vacation property in Calabria is an emerging investment opportunity. Calabria, which largely makes up the toe of the boot of Italy, has long, gorgeous coastlines, stunning vistas and rugged mountains. It’s also, I can fairly say, rather poor, often corrupt, mostly undeveloped, and in too many places — cities and villages alike — shabby and unkempt. I can’t speak for the entire region, but in a city like Reggio, blessed with a truly remarkable location, the lack of pride in public works and general civic appearance is evident on too many streets and piazzas. It’s heartbreaking, because it could be so beautiful.

Still, the potential for Calabria to be a genunine tourist destination for Italians, Europeans and Americans is limitless. The natural beauty is there. The history and culture and food and hospitality is there, too. But Im afraid it would require a Herculean change in attitude — in northern and southern Italy — to bring about the necessary changes.